Evans started teaching Alex piano almost 5 years ago and made such a great impression, Alex also took up violin with Evans. Victoria followed, and the children have been privileged to have Evans teach them both now for over 4 years. His calm manner, patience, professionalism and encouragement, as they worked through the early years, has paid off, with them both now achieving superb results in music exams and participating in school orchestras and strings. The children love their music and will happily sit down to practice without reminders – in preference to homework and other chores - a real testament to Evans’ wonderful teaching style. His organisation of concerts has also enabled the children to perform in public and build their confidence. We are enormously grateful to Evans for enabling our children to “love music”.
— Vanessa
We have had the pleasure of knowing Evans for the past five years. During this time he has taught my daughter piano and also accompanied her for all of her flute exams. He has a warm and friendly manner and Sara thoroughly enjoyed all of her lessons and rehearsals with him. Evans is always positive and encouraging. He shares his love of music which brings out the best in his students. Evans is a true professional and Sara had the security of knowing that whatever happened in her flute performances, he would keep it on track!
Thank-you so much for everything you have done for Sara. You are a great role model for your students and we feel so lucky that Sara has had the opportunity to work with you. We will look forward to another great year next year!
— Kate Jones
Evans is a dedicated and motivated teacher who shows great commitment to his clients. He is always well presented, organised and professional.
— John Eady, Managing Director of Lewis Eady Ltd