Evans is an experienced, trained and dedicated teacher who aims to help his students develop and reach their potential. Lessons are generally scheduled weekly during the school term times. Regular practice is encouraged as well as opportunities to perform in front of a supportive audience throughout the year. 

Evans started teaching Alex piano almost 5 years ago and made such a great impression, Alex also took up violin with Evans. Victoria followed, and the children have been privileged to have Evans teach them both now for over 4 years. His calm manner, patience, professionalism and encouragement, as they worked through the early years, has paid off, with them both now achieving superb results in music exams and participating in school orchestras and strings. The children love their music and will happily sit down to practice without reminders – in preference to homework and other chores - a real testament to Evans’ wonderful teaching style. His organisation of concerts has also enabled the children to perform in public and build their confidence. We are enormously grateful to Evans for enabling our children to “love music”.
— Vanessa